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Ten Things Not To Do While Driving In Pennsylvania

Everybody is a driver these days and should be following basic road etiquette to avoid any dreadful incidents or accidents that may lead to harm to him or other road users. The following are ten silly things that every driver should avoid when on the road.

1. Don’t talk on the phone while driving, and if you must make sure, you use a headset. Where possible, pull over to the side of the road before answering calls.

2. Eating and drinking while driving is a habit that most drivers may assume accepted. However, a minute of distraction could lead to severe damage and even death, which no Pennsylvania auto insurance coverage will be able to help.

3. These days, some drivers are so confident of their driving skills, they even spend time sending text messages while driving. This is a dangerous behavior and no auto insurance in Pennsylvania will be happy to pay claims from a negligent driver.

4. Some people are just too busy that they are always beating speed limits on roads and overtaking on the wrong side of the road. Any responsible driver should avoid such reckless behavior.

5. You may be the busiest person in the world but this is not an enough reason to surf or read emails while driving.  If you are looking for directions to a place on your smart phone, it is better to pull to the side before surfing the internet. Failure to heed to such simple warnings will make you a public danger.

6. For all the women in the house, you are already beautiful as you are and if you must wear makeup and make final changes to your hair, it is definitely not while driving. It does not matter if you have adequate PA auto insurance coverage or not, putting your life and those of others at risk is very dangerous.

7. Listening to music while driving may not be a risky behavior but it easily becomes so when the music is too loud to prevent the driver from hearing any warning traffic sounds or other oncoming vehicles. This behavior is very common with the younger generation.

8. Avoid reading the newspaper and magazines! I Do Not like it. We know you want to be updated but it is not the right time and place.

9.  This is a little odd but we have with us the drivers found coaching other drivers as they criticize them and yell at them for no obvious reason. You lose your own concentration if you provide so much attention to sow another person should drive. Maybe his Pennsylvania car insurance is better than yours.

10. Finding something? If you drop your phone or money, you can find it later instead of trying to find it while driving. If you cannot wait until you reach your destination, stop the vehicle and search for it.

The list could go on forever but these are important things to be aware of when driving, if you may know, safety is all about awareness. No Pennsylvania car insurance claim is enough to replace a broken arm or lost lives.