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The Consequences of Driving in PA without Auto Insurance

As per Act 6 Amendments to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, all motor vehicle owners in PA are required to enroll for car insurance in PA.

If you are a passenger, a driver, or an owner, you must purchase and maintain car insurance in PA. It is important that you understand the possible penalties for driving without insurance.

Every state has their own laws to protect the civil rights and penalties failing to fulfill the laws. It is necessary that you need to have an automobile insurance in PA. If you fail to prove that, you have none you might lose your driving license. Your vehicle registrations can also be suspended.

Traffic rule violation fines are hefty! You can end up paying a huge lump sum amount of money and to reinstate your license and vehicle registration. SR22 can also be imposed on you for not enrolling for car insurance in PA.

Additionally you would receive a ‘Traffic Ticket’ for no insurance violation. This is in addition to the Traffic Ticket you have received for the reason you were asked to stop by. However, if you are insured but did not carry the proof of insurance you may request the police officer to extend the time limit to submit your proof of insurance. Once you show the required documents, the ticket can be dismissed by the officer.

To avoid the financial burden and the hassles all you need to do is purchasing auto insurance in Pennsylvania and paying the premium on time. You do not have to buy an expensive insurance but cheap car insurance would serve the purpose. It does not matter how you prefer to pay your insurance premium, monthly or annually be sure to understand your car insurance policy.

By law of car insurance in PA, you must provide proof of insurance when asked. You may provide the insurance identity card or the declaration page. Alternatively, you may submit Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan application form duly signed by your insurance company or the agent.  A letter from your insurance company stating your current coverage would also do but only after your agent or any of the insurance company representative signs on it.  Insurance Binder is also legit, however, after the binder is expired you would have to renew the same and submit once again.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) needs you to meet the financial requirement to manage the auto insurance premium and a self-insurance.  This is called financial responsibility. Accidents are expensive and to avoid lawsuits against you it is always recommended to safeguard yourself with as much as liability insurance as you can afford.

You may also choose from other supplemental insurance coverage to suit your needs. There could be various types of car insurance plans and premiums. Insurance costs can be confusing especially to the young drivers. Hence, it is recommended to do a little research by calling the toll free number given above and discuss the same. Alternatively, you can enter your ZIP code on the blank panel on the top of this page to find out the best car insurance in PA.