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The Consequences of Refusing A DUI Test in Pennsylvania

In PA, car insurance is greatly affected with refusal to take a DUI test. This is because refusal might mean that you are guilty. If this is assumed, then your insurance policy will go up. You will be seen as an irresponsible driver and this will affect your policy. Other consequences might even lead to your policy being cancelled.

One of these is the banning of your driver’s license. The police will take away your driver’s license and give you a pink piece of paper that you will use for the next 10 days as your driver’s permit. The license is usually banned for 1 year if it is your first DUI. If it is the second DUI in a period of 6 years, it will be banned for 2 years. If it is your third in the period of 6 years, it will be banned for three years. If it is more than that then it will be banned for five years. From this statistics, you can see how the banning of your driver’s license might cost you your car insurance in PA. If you are to renew the policy in 6 months and your driver’s license has been banned for one year, you will not be able to renew it. In addition, it makes no sense insuring a car that you do not drive. Moreover, getting cheap car insurance in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania might be very challenging.

Refusal to take the DUI test might also be a sign of guilt. This can be used against you in court. You might want to battle the DUI in court and refusing to do the test might be used against you. It is just unfortunate that there is no allowance that you discuss with your lawyer whether to take the test. You will be required to take the test immediately the officer says so and will not be given time to talk to your lawyer about this. Due to this, it is very advisable that you do not refuse to give a blood or breath sample whenever necessary.

You should note that in the State of Pennsylvania, you would be arrested for being drunk even if you are not driving. It is illegal in the Commonwealth to be seen drunk in public places and especially if you are disturbing those around you. If you are arrested for this reason, you will still go through the same as the drunk driver although the charges might differ a bit.

For those who win the cases, they are usually told to apply for a hardship license. This is what they will use until their license is given back to them. Do not forget that you will have to pay approximately 500 USD in order to reinstate your license. They might also be required to install an ignition interlock device. This device is put in the car and you will have to blow in clean air in order for it to unlock. If it is lock, you will not be able to drive.

Getting car insurance in Pennsylvania can cause headaches. It is therefore very stressing when you lose your insurance due to a DUI. However, you can still get cheap car insurance after the storm. All you have to is enter your zip code in the box above and get to compare many insurance quotes from some of the best insurance providers in Pennsylvania. It is fast and free.