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The Duration of Car Insurance Claim Process in Pennsylvania

It is bad to be part of an accident and more worse to go through the claim decision process. The total time taken to make a car insurance claim in Pennsylvania depends upon the procedural steps involved in the process. Let us take a look on what and how these processes are completed.

Discovery Process

According to Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Laws, you are to meet first with your auto accident lawyer after the accident and provide him with all the necessary details. You will have to put in writing that the other party was negligent and provide all the minor details of the accident. You tell him how much you want to claim and what were the effects you had after the accident.

If the process is not successful then Pennsylvania DMV directs your car lawyer to file a lawsuit and the law process starts. The first process being the discovery process, your lawyer asks you to answer certain questions in writing and he/she will help you understand the situation at each step. You have to provide all the minor details of medical treatment resulting in effect of the accident.  You provide all the details of the accident making sure you have to declare the proofs of the negligence of the other party.

Deposition Process

The deposition process comes next to the discovery and there is a process of sworn statements under oath. The deposition process involves the direct questions from the lawyer of the other side and you are to answer clearly and truthfully every legitimate question of the lawyer. The opposing council may ask questions related to the accident for you to prove that the accident was due to a fault by his client. He may also ask for the details of the medical treatment you had after the accident. There is no limit to what questions can be asked as long as they are reasonable and lawful. This deposition process is long. It may take years, sometimes months or weeks but it all depends upon the proof, your truthfulness, and the effort of your lawyer. This process involves an investigation of the accident from the top to bottom leaving nothing out. Your physician might be called to tell the court how much were you damaged of the accident and required help. This process may take much of your time in the Pennsylvania car insurance claim.

When you apply for Pennsylvania DMV insurance, you get to have some coverage by default and others are optional. The necessary are Medical Benefits, Property Damage Liability, and Bodily Injury Liability. Others are optional and can be entertained according to need. This optional coverage are mostly directly proportional to the Insurance Claims resolution time and people with much return than the normal get to wait and struggle more for the decision to be on their side.

In short, we say that the time required for insurance claim is nothing less than confusing. There may always pop up something new to slow down the process and it usually takes much time if sent to the deposition process.