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The Implications Of IID in Relation To DWI And DUI Laws In Pennsylvania

If you enjoy a premium service of car insurance in Pennsylvania, you may have been told that anyone convicted for a second or succeeding offense of DUI is compelled to fix an IID, ignition interlock system in their automobile for a period of one year. Only after the lapse of this compulsory period, the driver will be able to claim his or her normal driving privileges. So what exactly is an IID?

CarInsuranceInPennsylvaniaAn IID is a gadget capable of reading the alcohol level in your breath. In order to measure the content, you will be requested to breathe in to the IID before starting the vehicle. This is requested to be done during intermittent time levels even after the automobile is started and being driven. If the IID detect a concentration of blood alcohol amounting to 0.025 or higher, the device will make sure that the vehicle goes in to an auto lockdown system that will last for about five minutes. In order to re-start the vehicle once the detection is done, you will have to breathe in to the device. If the device continues to measure an over the limit gauge, it will go on to a 30 minute lockdown. This will continue to happen until the blood alcohol level in your system in under control and the device is able to detect it.

The bad news is that when you are convicted for IID, you will be informed to install this device in each vehicle you own or lease. Now, imagine the high premiums you will have to pay for your car insurance in PA if you have an IID installed in every automobile you own? If the law enforcement officers catch you driving any of your vehicles without the IID after the court order is given, you will be subjected to additional fines starting from $300 as well as face the risk of spending jail time no less than 90 days.

Tampering of the IID in PA is not allowed nor should you try to get someone who is not under the influence of alcohol to breathe in to it in order to start the vehicle. Offenses of this nature are considered as criminal charges and will be duly punished. The fine can vary in such situations as high up to $1000 and a 90 day jail sentence.

The only instances in which Pennsylvania State will consider exemptions for this law is if you have been driving a vehicle belonging to your employer. However, you will still be required to install IID in any personal vehicles used by you.

In the event of the convict being unable to afford the installation of an IID, the court may consider a hardship exemption. However, to be eligible to claim this exemption the convicts’ income should be less than 200% of the Federal poverty guidelines.

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