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The Penalties of Violating the DUI in Pennsylvania

Most people in Pennsylvania are aware that a DUI will greatly affect their auto insurance. Auto insurance in Pennsylvania is almost mandatory. This should explain why most people know the topic well. All the states of the USA have DUI laws. With laws come penalties and in some states the penalties are more than in others. Pennsylvania has probably some of the toughest penalties.

If it is the first time that you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, you will most probably get a ticket and warning. If your caught a second time, you might not be so lucky. There are strict repercussions for the repetitive cases. The first thing that might happen is that the traffic police person will take your driver’s license. This will then be suspended. You will definitely be arrested and might spend a few days in jail.

Auto insurance in Pennsylvania provides that you be a careful and responsible driver in order to get cheaper auto insurance covers. Getting involved in DUI in Pennsylvania will not help your case and therefore not help you get auto insurance. This is because getting a DUI means that you are careless or are getting careless. You will notice that almost immediately, your rates will change for the worst. They will most definitely go up.

In serious cases, your civil rights might be limited. You might not be allowed to vote or get auto insurance. For the latter, it works as a way of limiting your chances of causing accidents while driving. This is because you cannot drive without auto insurance policy in Pennsylvania. If this is not your first offence, you will be required to talk to a professional counselor. The counselor will then determine the necessary action that should be taken and will advise the court. You might be required to attend alcohol anonymous meetings for a period of time that the counselor deems fit. He or she might also request that you take some tests both medical and in the DUI school. This means that you will be using your money for all these. If you want your license back, you will have to do what the counselor says.

In the case that an accident happened and you where caught driving under the influence, you will most probably be blamed for the accident even if it was not your mistake. You will therefore have to pay for all the damages that were incurred in that accident. Your car might also be impounded and you will be required to pay for the impounding fees. As you can see, it will cost you a lot of time, money, and effort after you are arrested for a DUI. Nevertheless, if you want your license back, all these will be necessary.

It can be argued that most people fear getting a DUI because the auto insurance rate will increase. Auto insurance in Pennsylvania can be very high and this might make a DUI your worst nightmare. You can however reduce the rates of your auto insurance right now! Enter your zip code in the box on the top of this page and get insurance quotes from all the best insurance companies free.