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The Traffic System and Laws in Pennsylvania

It is proven that when laws are not strict, there are more people who are eager to violate them. It is also another common knowledge that when more people violate a law, the crime and accident rates increase overtime. This kind of scenario is not allowed in Pennsylvania. Hence, the car insurance in Pennsylvania is based on strict traffic laws, rules and regulations.

For more than a century since the invention and development of automobiles, car accidents are the most common causes of death and injuries. The accidents are caused by faulty machineries and unstable and chaotic traffic conditions. However, the most common cause of car accidents nowadays is driving under the influence of alcohol and worse, driving under the influence of drugs. Recognizing the gravity of this problem, all states in the United States adopted driving laws that prohibit driving when a person is drunk or high. However, despite the presence of this law the different states are still not able to curb or curtail this problem. This is mostly because the driving laws they have enacted and enforced are not strict enough. Most possibly, the penalties are not that heavy which do not correspond to the gravity of the offense. Hence, more people tend to violate these traffic laws because they are not afraid of the consequences. Another reason why there is a proliferation of drunk driving cases in the United States is the fact that the law enforcers who are mandated by law to enforce the rules and regulations regarding traffic are not doing their jobs. These traffic officers usually are very loose in the performance of their official functions. When they are loose on their jobs, they may not notice that there are a lot of drunk drivers roaming around the street and causing turmoil. Once accidents happen, they are already too late to prevent them and the damages have been done.

This type of faulty traffic system happens in most states in the United States. These traffic systems are faulty because instead of being able to secure a good driving environment for all, they are even making it worse. However, in the state of Pennsylvania this kind of faulty traffic system does not exist. This is because the government of Pennsylvania is so determined to curb and curtail the proliferation of drivers who are driving under the influence. In order to attain this goal, they have formulated strict traffic rules and even stricter punishments. By being able to do so, more people are discouraged from driving while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol because they are fearful of the possible punishments that may be imposed upon them. In the state of Pennsylvania, it is assured that the punishments for traffic law violators are tantamount to the gravity of the offense that they have committed. In addition, the law enforcement authorities who are caught loose on their jobs are going to suffer from punishments as well. Therefore, the citizens of Pennsylvania are provided with a safe driving environment every single day. Do not hesitate now and enter your area code on this site. By entering you area code you will be able to discover the different car insurance companies available in your state of Philadelphia. For a reliable and strict traffic laws, inquire now about the available car insurance in Pennsylvania.