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The Two Sides of Your DUI Court Case That You Did Not Know About

When you are stopped by the police in Pennsylvania, it is good to first show them your car insurance. You might wonder how the police officer noticed that you are violating DUI in PA. Well, the police officers are trained to check out for signs of intoxification. These signs are put into three categories. The first is through the driving signs. It is these signs that will make the traffic police to stop you. These include, reckless driving and lane straddling among others. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has about 20 such signs that the police can look for.

After you are told to stop, other signs might be noted easily. The second category is that of personal behavior. These include the smell of alcohol in your breath and slurred speech. You might then be required to do a field test. This is whereby the police will ask you to get out of the car and do a few activities to confirm or deny that you are drunk. The most common ones are that you stand on one leg for a short period. If you are drunk, you will not be able to do this. You will also be told to walk and turn a couple of times. There are activities that police officers might request you to do. You should know that you can refuse to do these activities but if you are asked to give a blood sample for testing, you should not refuse. It is after this that you might be required to go to court if you are found guilty.

The government, all other departments that deal with driving and DUI and the car insurance in PA work hand in hand when it comes to driving. When you are arrested for drunk driving, you will have to go to court, as this is one of the biggest road offences in Pennsylvania. Most people do not understand the court process. There are generally two cases that will be filed against you. Te first case is under the Superior Court and this is the criminal case. The second case is under the DMV Driver Safety Division and this is the civil case.

In the criminal case, you will be charged of wanting to harm other people in the case of an accident. In the DMV case, you will be charged with violation of the rules of driving in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PA car insurance is expected to support the government in terms of drunk driving. You will therefore notice that the court will demand a form from your insurance company that shows you are financially responsible. The rates of your insurance policy will also go up due to the DUI.

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