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Tips To Make A Car Insurance Claim In PA To Go Smoothly

The first thing to remember is whom you have an accident with. The license plate number is the most useful information that one can have for this. Even if the other person is trying to flee the site of the accident, as long as you remember the license plate number it is good enough. If the vehicle has stopped and the person approaches you, take their name, phone number, driver’s license number and their insurance information. You will need all the information possible to give to your own insurance company in Pennsylvania.

Call the police immediately. The state law requires the incident to be reported immediately irrespective of any injuries that might have occurred because of the accident. The incident should be reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation within 5 days of the accident even if the police are not investigating the accident.

AutoInsuranceInPennsylvaniaAlso, look around for any witnesses if they saw the accident happen. They can be pedestrian people passing by in vehicles. It is great if you can get a witness to verify the incident to the insurance company.

Time and place of the accident should also be noted as accurately as possible so that your claim cannot be contested on these grounds. Other than that, the number of people in each vehicle at the time of the accident is also a very important detail so that either of the people involved cannot lie just to get extra compensation from the PA auto insurance company.

The condition of the vehicles after the accident should also be noted. The point of collision, where the damage was and if the car is still in a drivable state are some of the details that an insurance claim has to have. If in a state to do so, take pictures of your car and the other car to make your case stronger. If you have evidence like photos, no company can contest your claim.

The more details you have about the incident, the more likely is the claim to come through smoothly.

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