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Tips to Resolve Disputes on Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

Misunderstandings happen all the time whether we want it or not especially when it comes to Car Insurance in PA. Differences could be caused by anything from uncertainty, miscommunication, miscalculation and sometimes the dispute can be a genuine mistake by either the insurance firm or the aggrieved individual. The most common reasons for disputes revolve around Insurance Claims. The disputes result from an individual who claims that the insurance company is not pulling its weight in terms of what he or she deserves as service from the company. Being that having auto insurance disputes is something we may not avoid, there are some few tips that could be valuable in handling such a situation. Failure to adhere to these tips can have far-reaching results or lack of it since one may lose their compensation in the process.

When handling a dispute with an insurer it is important to follow protocol. If you bought your auto insurance from an agent contact them, explain the circumstances surrounding the dispute, and await their feedback. This can be done from the convenience of your own home or office by making a phone call or by sending an email through the insurance company’s website. Just by contacting, the insurance company in this manner will incline them to investigate the claim and take up the required path to dispute resolution. You could be surprised to find that the initial error originated from the company itself. This is because a lot of information is passed from person to person and department to department and a corruption or mistake in the Insurance Claim’s data could occur at any point in the path the data is taking. If for any reason you do not get any feedback from the insurance company, you may take the next step and contact the company’s auto insurance claims adjuster. The claims adjuster is the individual who discreetly handles and resolves all the company’s bills. At this time though, make sure that you have all your Car Insurance in PA documents since they may need them to ascertain the validity of your claim.

The next step is to contact the Auto Insurance Department in Pennsylvania. This is a regulatory body instituted purposely to resolve disputes between insurance companies and their clients. A similar body is present in all states in the US for this and other purposes. Their job entails listening to such complaints and to make sure to investigate the allegations until a consensus is reached between the insurance company and the client. It is also their job to push the insurance company on your behalf if the company is found to be at fault and vice versa. Alternatively, they recommend that you take another channel in order to handle the dispute.

The last tip, which should come as a last resort, is contacting a lawyer that means that you are handling the dispute in court. This is however an expensive and risky venture. Lawyers are known to be expensive but a good lawyer could give you consultation pro bono so that you may know if the case is worth following up or not. If you have any sort of grievance against your insurer, enter your Zip at the top of this page to get advice on such like incidences.