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Top Factors that Can Raise your Pennsylvania Car Insurance Rate

Getting cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania can at times be challenging. You might get the rates all right but after a while, they start to rise and you do not know why. A few things can cause the car insurance rates to rise. The first one is bad driving records. Most people think that their driving records are only looked at when they are looking for insurance. This is however not the case as the insurance provider will always have a keen eye on your driving habits. This means that even after you get the cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania, you still have to be careful on the roads.

Another reason that might cause your insurance rates to rise is being issued with a DWI. This is generally driving while intoxicated. This is a very serious offence in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It might lead to your driver’s license being banned and this will most definitely affect your insurance. If you were enjoying cheap auto insurance rates, you will have to pay much more.

Inflation is also a reason as to why your car insurance rates might rise. Inflation is when things rise in price yet the currency is not so strong. This will cause labor and material to be very expensive. In order for the insurance company to keep business, they will have to adjust their prices and they will go up.

One of the tips that you might know of getting Pennsylvania cheap car insurance in is adding your teen to your policy. This will be cheaper than getting them their own new policy. This is also expensive in terms of the rates that you will now have. Since you have added a teen driver, your rates will definitely go up. This is because teen drivers are considered high risks.

You will notice that after you modify your car, your insurance policy rates in Pennsylvania will rise. This is because when you modify it, it is put in the category of easily stolen cars. This means that your collision and comprehensive rates will increase and therefore increase your rates generally. Getting tickets will also increase your car insurance rates in Pennsylvania. This is especially with regards with the DUIs. They are a serious offence as driving while drunk can cause and is the cause of serious accidents in Pennsylvania.

As you grow older, your car insurance rate in Pennsylvania will also rise. This is because you are more likely to forget the rules that are in the Pennsylvania driver’s handbook. This means that you will be caught in various offences that might even lead to accidents. Moving to a different location ad also changing jobs might also cause your rates to change. This will be due to the mileage issue.


Overall, there are very many reasons that can cause cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania to rise. It is therefore much easier if you get cheap car insurance such that even if it were to rise for one reason or another, it will not be that high. You can get cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania right now. Just enter your zip code in the box above and get all the quotes that you might need to compare free.