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Two Classifications of Damages According to Auto Insurance Laws in Pennsylvania

The auto insurance laws in Pennsylvania allow you to claim damages suffered but there is one catch – you must be able to shown in a manner that is adequate to all the parties involved in the issue. Damages in Pennsylvania are classified into two:

1.            Special damages

These are damages that the sufferer must pay out of their own pocket to cover for damages incurred and may include such costs as medical expenses and repair cost to a damaged property. This means the car insurance company will not pay for such costs and so you will have to do so yourself.

2.            General damages

These are damages that involve the physical and/or emotional pain and suffering that come as a result of an accident and are affecting the complainant.

The law requires that you understand this points because ignorance is no defense whether you are the one claiming damages or the one disputing them. In short, be informed or you may be at a huge disadvantage.

CarInsuranceInPennsylvaniaLet us look at special damages and what Pennsylvania car insurance law says about it. First, when making a claim, you are expected to submit valid documents to support your claims. For example, if you are making medical treatment related claims, you should have applicable and up to date invoices and bills from the medical institution you received your treatment for your car accident including the supplies bills, special treatment bills, equipment bills, ambulance bills and any other invoices or bills related to the treatment. If you are making claims on damaged or even destroyed property, the bills and invoices related to such costs as re-building or repairing costs, car repair costs, towing and/or storage costs etc, should be availed.

Pennsylvania auto insurance law recognizes the fact that one may also have to lose some wages and other privileges that may accrue at your place of work due to the car accident you got involved in. Claims can be made on the made in relation to wages lost and compensation for the sick days and also claims for special medical or otherwise treatment you underwent to be able to get back to work or get an alternative job.

On the other hand, auto insurance law in Pennsylvania defines general damages as those damages that involve some physical injury and yet cannot be described in terms of money to an exact figure. Injuries like emotional distress, disassociation, depression and the likes are hard to put an exact monetary value that it would take to fix. In this case, the Law has in place a general damages determination method that may vary in each specific after determining the specifics surrounding individual claims.

Make sure to get yourself the best Pennsylvania auto insurance carrier to make this process easy on you and let them worry about it while you worry about other more important matters. To get started, punch in your zip in the space provided at the top of the page and discover the best in Pennsylvania auto insurance.