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Understanding the Basics of Auto Insurance Laws in Pennsylvania

All drivers are obligated to have auto insurance or some form of financial responsibility in case they are involved in an accident and they are the at-fault party in the whole matter. According to statistics, a very large percentage of drivers in the great state of Pennsylvania are on the roads driving without insurance coverage of any type. That is why the state is strict when it comes to car insurance and the requirement of a mandatory liability insurance cover arose. The most common solution is to purchase Pennsylvania cheap car insurance to get this cover but this is just but a single option in a pool in which many other options are available. They will serve the same purpose that is to show financial responsibility of the driver in case of an accident as a car insurance policy from a Pennsylvania auto insurance would.

You may opt to file a surety bond that gives the identities of at least two persons who are the legit and valid owners of real property within Pennsylvania. You may also opt to deposit an amount of cash or cashier’s check with the county judge or depositing an amount of cash that could be in form of securities with the county comptroller. Another way to show financial responsibility is by getting certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles that you are indeed self insured a situation that arises in case you own a fleet of more than 25 motor vehicles.

The law states that the minimum amount a private driver should have is $30,000 for injuries to the body or even death in each accident, $15,000 for injuries to the body and death to one person in each accident you may cause and also $5,000 for destruction or damage to property for every accident. The law expects you to have some sort of proof that you have such kind of insurance with you any time a law enforcement officer pulls you over and asks for it. This is in form of a Pennsylvania auto insurance card or a certificate from the DMV showing you are self insured and so on.

You should avoid messing with the law because the results are not pleasant at all. Getting yourself liability insurance or any form of financial responsibility no matter how basic will suffice. The penalties and fines are hefty and you may even find yourself in jail for violating laws you could have easily adhered to. Furthermore, in the event of a car accident you will be protected from the huge and sometimes unreasonable costs like medical bills that you will have to pay out of pocket if you have no insurance.

Get your information into the box above and get a Pennsylvania cheap car insurance to avoid getting in trouble with the law and also to protect you, your family and your fellow citizens.