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Ways Teenage Drivers Can Get Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania car insurance law does not falter in the issue of protecting its residents by demanding that all motorists and car owners show proof that they have financial responsibility in form of auto insurance. In short, no matter what color, age, religion, tribe or nationality, you are required to have at least the minimum liability insurance stated by the law. This is to make sure you are able to pay for damages that may arise in the event of an accident in with you are at fault. Thus the state has fixed the minimum requirement for personal and bodily injury to one person per accident at $15,000, the bodily and personal injury to multiple persons at $30,000 and for destruction or damage to property at $5,000 for every accident. This is regardless whether you are a teenager or an adult. However, this minimum coverage by the law will cover the other teenage driver in case of an accident.

The auto insurance laws in Pennsylvania requires that a minor subscribe for a learners permit or a graduate license that should be accompanied by proof of auto insurance from either the parent or the guardian among other documents that may be asked for by the relevant authority. This is not an option for anyone including the teenage driver applying for the license. There are many ways under the law that the teenage driver can obtain Pennsylvania auto insurance. Some of them are discussed below.

A teenager can opt to purchase their own insurance coverage from any licensed auto insurance company in the state of Pennsylvania. They can also choose to be covered under their parents’ insurance policy if the parents deem if wise. Some insurance companies will insist that the teenagers living in the same house as their parents and who have insurance policies with them be included in the policy. They are also well within their rights to demand exclusion of the teenage drivers in the household or a review of the policy if the teenage drivers are included in the policy.

The teenager is supposed under the law to always carry with them proof of auto insurance anytime they are behind the wheel even if the adult policy holder is present. Failure to do so, the law will not be lenient because the driver is a teenager but will be subject to the penalties and fines subjected to the adults too. First time violators will be subject to fines not exceeding $1,000.

The law sees all as equals and will also protect the young drivers from exorbitant premiums that most insurance companies may charge due to the high risk teenagers have on their business. Any unfairness can be reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and the necessary steps will be taken.

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