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What You Need to Know About Car Insurance in PA

There are legal requirements for drivers living in PA. They are required to purchase car insurance in PA. The PA laws provides for mandatory limit which is $15,000 for a single person and $30,000 for an accident. This covers the injuries to other pedestrians, passengers and drivers. The property damage liability insurance covers for damages to other people’s property such as fences, cars, trees etc.

Car insurance in PA laws is a combination of the no-fault systems and tort system. The drivers in PA have to choose between a limited tort and a full tort car insurance quote.  The limited tort means the drivers will not receive money for their pain and suffering if they are injured in the event of an accident. They keep the car insurance premium low. The full tort allows a person to sue the driver that caused injuries to them in a car collision for the suffering they underwent. Here one is forced to pay 15% more on his or her premiums.

It is a requirement to have car insurance in PA and drivers are required to purchase liability coverage from car insurance companies. When registering their vehicles it is a requirement that they must show proof that, they have purchased the liability coverage.

The penalties for not carrying insurance in PA are very severe. The penalties include $300 fine, suspension of driver’s license for up to 90 days and suspension of the vehicle registration. There is also a reinstatement fee for vehicle registration of $50 and $50 for drivers licenses reinstatement fees. It is important to follow the rules in PA if you don’t want to face the penalties and in case the policy expires you are required to demonstrate to PennDOT that you did not drive your car for a period of 31 days after its expiry.

It is important to know the laws regarding car insurance in PA so that you do not break them. Go to the internet and learn about the laws. Let it guide you so that you can choose the best company that meets the legal requirements and provides you with the best services. There are sites that will help you to compare the different policies from different companies that offer car insurance in Pennsylvania. You need to take advantage of it and search for the policies during your free time. Car insurances are there for your benefit. Why not go for it? You can compare car insurances by entering your zip on top of this page. This will make your task easier and you need not to worry on how you can find the best car insurance in PA to cater to your needs.