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What You Need To Know First About Car Insurance for Teen Drivers

Car accidents are the major cause of teenagers’ deaths accounting for 3,500 deaths and 350,000 in a 2008 survey. When applying for Pennsylvania car insurance, your years of driving experience do matter a lot and if you are a teenager you have less experience as compared to a senior therefore you will be charged higher interest rate and premiums. Of all the insured motorists teenagers are only 14% but they file 30% of all the claims in America, this makes them very risky individuals making it hard for them to be insured. In Pennsylvania, no motorist can be allowed to drive its roadways without Pennsylvania car insurance which means that teenagers too need auto insurance as seniors do. Below are some of the facts that you need to know about teenagers’ auto mobile insurance.

When to Add a Teenager to a Policy

According to auto insurance regulations in Pennsylvania, parents are required to include all teenagers in their auto insurance policy. This may raise the insurance premium for the parent making him/ her to pay more monthly. The best thing that a parent should do is to let the teenager just keep a driver’s permit until the teenager is 18 years old. This will make the insurance company to not increase your insurance premiums. The main reason behind this is that a teenager with a driver’s permit cannot drive a lone across the roadways, this reduces the risk of the teenager getting involved in an accident and filing a claim too son than one driving alone. Ensure that your teenager maintains the driver’s permit for as long as possible.

Getting the Teenager Insured

Parents should take the necessary measures to ensure that not only their teenagers are insured but safe on the road. They should but cars that offer good protection and are easy to drive like Sedans plus they are not very costly to reduce the risk. Sedans will offer good protection in case your teenager is involved in an accident and reduce the interest rate and premiums that you will be charged. Sporty cars are very trendy but offer less protection in case of an accident, expensive therefore raise the risk and amount of premiums that you will be charged. When your teenager reaches 16 years old, take the teen to an approved and recognized driving school so as to attain driving skills and the experience required to drive across the Pennsylvanian terrain. This will not only reduce the PA car insurance premium that will be charged on the teens policy bit will also reduce the chances of the teen getting involved in an accident and filing a claim a the teen will learn how to avoid risky driving situations.


* Premiums for teenagers insurance are lower when the teenagers are listed on their parents’ policy.

* Most car insurance PA companies do not charge premiums on the teen’s policy when they leave their cars at home while at college.

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