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Why DWI and DUI Are Declared as Crimes in Pennsylvania

The basic question to most people is the reason behind why a state had declared a certain act or omission as a crime. This article would give you an insight about drunk driving and the reason why Pennsylvania made it a crime. Moreover, you will know more information about the Pennsylvania cheap car insurance.

Drunk driving is a crime. A crime is an act or omission that is prohibited by the state. When that prohibited act or omission is committed, the states has every reason to punish the violator. Crimes are declared by the state because it is its duty to protect its citizens and inhabitants. The way by which the state is able to declare a crime and provide its punishment is through a law. In most states in the United States, DUI or DWI has been declared as a crime and the state has indicated the punishment to be imposed upon its violators. With it, the state has the duty to protect its citizens from the violence and injuries that a drunk driver may cause. It is the state’s obligation to monitor and improve the health of its citizens.

Another reason why driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited is due to the state needs and securing the health and safety of its people. While it is true that drinking alcoholic drinks have no bad side-effects to the body, too much drinking says otherwise. When too much alcohol drinking is done, it becomes an addiction. The same is true with drugs. Even when drugs are prescribed to a person in order to address his illness and discomforts, too much intake of drugs can easily turn into an addiction. Hence, aside from the duty of the state to protect and guarantee the safety of the common good, it also has a more specific duty that it has to perform to each and everyone of its citizens.

Through this, the state of Pennsylvania has taken steps to ensure that the number of people driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs are decreased and eventually eliminated. This is a part of one big plan. The state of Pennsylvania aims to decrease or if not eliminate the number and the frequency of street accidents caused by cars and automobiles. In order for the state to eliminate this kind of problem, it must address its source. The source of the many vehicular accidents nowadays is drunk driving. Thereby, after identifying the source the state of Pennsylvania enacted strict traffic and driving laws that will govern the driving environment in the state.

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