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Why Having Auto Insurance Policy Is Mandatory in Pennsylvania

Auto insurance in Pennsylvania should at least cover the following:

•             $15,000 bodily injury liability per injured person,

•             $30,000 bodily injury per accident,

•             $5,000 property damage liability coverage, and

•             $5,000 personal injury protection (PIP)

The proof of auto insurance in Pennsylvania should be with the driver at all times while he is driving the car. The law clearly states that if a person is stopped because of a moving violation and is found to be driving the vehicle without insurance or an expired insurance policy, he is punishable by law. The penalty in this case can be a 3 month suspension of the driver’s license and of the vehicle registration, restoration fees for both registration and/ or license, a minimum fine of $300 and vehicle impoundment. All rental cars are also supposed to be insured as stated by Pennsylvania car insurance laws.

Pennsylvania follows the Tort system which implies that if a person is found guilty of an accident caused. He is not only liable for physical damages to the other party and vehicles but for “legal” injuries. Legal injuries mean physical injuries and economic, emotional or reputational injuries. So a person should take care that his insurance covers more than just the minimum amount as stated by the law.

It is not necessary that all the members of a household are under the same car insurance policy. As long as the person excluded has auto insurance with another company or an assigned risk plan, it isn’t considered to be going against the law.

On being caught driving a car with a lapsed car insurance policy can result in the suspension of the vehicle registration for three months. The exceptions to the rule are in case it had been less than 31 days since the lapse of the insurance policy or the driver can prove to the Department of Transportation (PennDot) that the vehicle was not used during the period when the policy had lapsed. However, if PennDot finds out that car was used during the lapsed period, the driver’s license, car registration sticker and license plate will be suspended and surrendered to PennDot. To reinstate all these privileges, a restoration fee and proof of insurance must be submitted.

While the driving history of a driver is the key determinant of the premium that the driver will have to pay towards the insurance policy, one can always research to get the best deal in the market. To find more just enter your zip in the tab on top of the page.