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Will I Get My Money Back When My Car Insurance Policy Is Cancelled?

When you cancel the insurance policy, this is termed as self-cancellation. Pennsylvania car insurance can be costly. When you find a much cheaper deal, you will most definitely run to it and cancel your current policy. When this happens, you are required by law to write a letter informing the company of your decision. The company might require a reason though there is no way they can make you stay with them if you do not want to. You might also want to cancel the policy if you feel like you will not be able to pay for the policy. This also applies if you decide to sell your car. You cannot pay insurance for a car that is not there. When you decide to cancel the policy, you are entitled to get your money back. You should however know that it would be a little bit less since the company has to deduct their commission. All this should be in your policy so when you sign an insurance policy always check for this.

The second option for your car insurance to be cancelled in Pennsylvania is by the company. Pennsylvania car insurance laws allow the insurance company to terminate your policy for some listed reasons. Some of the reasons include if you have too many claims, if you lied about the details of your car and so forth. It is therefore very important that you give the correct information when you are filling out the insurance form. Another reason for cancellation and the most common reason is failure to pay the premiums in time. Failure to renew the policy also means that the policy will be cancelled. You will always be notified if it is time to renew the policy and if you want to terminate it, you should inform the company. What most PA citizens think about the cancellation of their car insurance is that they will still get their money. This is not the case. If the company is the one that cancelled it, you will not get your money back. This is well in accordance with the law.

As mentioned above, it is better that you cancel your policy than for the company to cancel it instead. This will ensure that you get part if not most of your money back. If you have just cancelled your PA car insurance, you can still be insured within a matter of days. If you are looking for cheaper rates so that you can cancel your policy, you can find free quotes to compare here! Just enter your zip code in the box on the top of this page and you will have all the quotes you need. It is easy free and fast.